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Learning Services

When Martin joined me in Japan and we started to work together, we had to find a good name for our small business. Something easy to use in this Japanese environment. Of course the name had to carry the full meaning of our operations.

This is how Martin came with this


Learning services,

the words says it. We go to our students homes, neighbouhood or community centers. Giving them english lessons or cooking classes with some english; we are the guys who travel......

As of today, Dec 98, who is part of F.F.T.?

For the english it is Martin on a full time schedule, Natsuyo in team work and a little bit me (less and less).

On the cooking level it is me of course. And to warp all this up and provide us with a good P.R. services is Misaki.

We will add some teachers for the english classes, we beleive we are giving a good service and our program is taking shape, oriented on the basic conversation skills.

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