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楽しく学ぶ これがF.F.Tの基本です。



F.F.T イングリッシュって何? 


Playing games!!! I like very much to play games, with my friends, by myself and with my students.Games are the best way to keep the children's interest high. English may be a difficult subject to study!

So I use games to make the children happy: if they are happy they will want to come back to my classes and it will be easy for me to introduce more english words and sentences they will have to use......



F.F.T. フランソワ クッキングって何?

お料理を作るの大好きなあなた・・・ 美味しいものに目のないあなた・・・ 英語が話したいのどーも勉強が進まないあなた・・・ 気のあう仲間と何かして楽しみたいあなた・・・ どうぞフランソワ クッキングにいらしてください。楽しい会話と美味しい料理がきっとあなたを満足させてくれるでしょう。おしゃれで楽しいひとときをフランソワとご一緒に!

I love cooking!!! It is the very best way to understand why I am teaching cooking. For me, working in a kitchen should be pleasant. I wish I can pass this feeling to anyone who comes to my classes.

The recipes I use are simple ones. You do not need to be a specialist to succeed in cooking.

Let me convince you!


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