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July 99 News Letter

Nice "6 years old" Children

From Tsukechi Town

This is F.F.T.'s largest regular class!

But Martin is lucky, these children love their teacher

so they behave as if they were much older.


 とうとう梅雨に入りましたね。お元気にお過ごしで すか? Martin先生は、今月から赤ちゃんと親子3人の 新生活が始まりました。最近は、新米パパがいたにつ いてきて、朝も早くから事務所に出勤して、教材作り にも力が入っています。やはり、人間愛する者が増え れば張り合いも増しますね。Fran腔is先生は、今月は 新企画のお泊まりクッキングや、英会話塾主催の親子 クッキング等、新しいクラスが多くお孫さんにもなか なか会えず多忙です。  最近私は、ちょっと素敵なお友達が出来ました。 彼女は、80数才で、9人の子供を育ててみえました。 とてもお元気で、冬以外は日本昔話に出てくるような、 1人暮しをしてみえます。土間、薪で焚くお風呂、彼女 の家にお邪魔すると、時間がゆっくり流れて、ほっと します。子供の事をよく考えて下さって、昔使ってい た水槽や望遠鏡を大切に保管してみえ、思い出話しと 共に子供に下さいます。本当に物を大切にする事を教 えられます。又物のない昔の品物は、すべてが丁寧で 心がこもっているように思われます。作家の落合恵子 さんは、ある文章の中で『・・できるだけ少ないもの で暮らすことが、私の豊かさだ・・』と書いてみえま した。豊かさとは、『数があること』の時代は終わり ました。ものが溢れ、情報が溢れる現代で、何が大切 で、何が自分を豊かにしてくれるか、自分自身で選ば なくてはなりません。現代の子供達には、私たち以上 にそういう能力が必要に思われます。沢山の人と知り 合って、いろいろなことを学び、自分にとって本当に 大切なことを、身につけていってほしいと思います。

向 みさき

A bit of Grammar:

each and every

each means a number of persons or things considered individually.

every can have this meaning but with every there is less emphasis on the individual.

Every girl had a flower means "all the girls had flowers" and implies that the speaker counted the girls and the flowers and found that he had the same number of each.

Each girl had a flower implies that the speaker went to each girl and checked that she had a flower.

each is a pronoun and adjective: Each man knows what to do.

every is an adjective only: Every man knows .....

each can be used of two or more persons or things, and is normally used of small numbers.

every is not normally used of very small numbers.

Source: "A Practical English" Grammar" by A.J. Thomson & A.V.Martinet

Word Mystery

Which word is correct?

1. That man is my ________. ankle / uncle
2. I need to take a ________. bath / bass
3. She is ________ beautiful. berry / very
4. He likes to wear a ________ on cold days. vest / best
5. I usually sleep in a ________. bet / bed
6. I want a ________ of tea. cup / cap
7. My apartment has a nice ________. few / view
8. It is hot today, so I need a ________. fun / fan

Source: "Practical Things" by Charles I.Kelly & Lawrence E.Kelly

Lemon Grass

This tropical grass comes from South East Asia where its perfumed lemon flavour adds a distinctive note to Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes. Lemon Grass contains 'citral' which also provides the dominant flavour in lemon peel. Citral has mild insect repellent properties. Lemon Grass was believed to relieve flatulence. Lemon Grass should have a pale green colour and fresh lemony flavour. For extra flavour soak dried lemon grass in a little warm water and then chop or crush the stalks before using.

Hot and sour soup from South East Asia is made with a good fish stock,Chillies and Lemon Grass, with added prawns and spring onions - a surprisingly refreshing starter. For Oriental steamed fish mix together Lemon Grass, Ginger,Chillies and shallots with a little soy sauce and rice wine. Cut slits in the fish, pour over the sauce and marinate before steaming. For a chicken satay marinate chicken or pork pieces in Lemon Grass, Ginger, Garlic,Crushed Chillies and a little oil before threading onto skewers and grilling. Chicken is delicious cooked in coconut milk flavoured with Lemon Grass, Ginger, Chillies and Coriander Leaf. This is also good with fish.Add Lemon Grass to stir-frys and prawn dishes.

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