Francois Personal Page


The Name

Francois Savard

Francois Joseph Robert Savard : is the very official name

I was born

August 19th 1949 (and you must not forget it)

Joliette Quebec Canada

A small town just 60 kilometers North East of Montreal


To my surprise, I barely pass throught three long years at Universite de Montreal and, in exchange, they gave me a small piece of paper named Bach. in Education.

The work......

Along the 20 plus years I worked I experienced three level of activities

In Education; working in the Audio Visual Departments of Colleges/Universities in Quebec

Also as a community officer in Quebec and Vancouver with lots of volunteer work and much fun

Plus many hours in different kitchens for different employers (even in Japan) and myself

Now in Japan

Have a look at my Best recipes because

I teach occidental cooking to householders and a few english classes


Having fun on my computer

Hicking or bicking in the numerous mountains around

and take some good photos around

Taking care of my dogs

Family Life

Sayuri is a very charming lady and my wife. She is also quite busy at work.

She is a bit younger than me and do marvellous projects with "crochet" and flowers.

Two sons: Martin living and working in Japan and Sylvestre still student in New Brunswick Canada.

And soon (May 99) my first Grand Child. I will be quite busy myself then..... Thanks to Katsue

These are the only family members living in Japan, the others are all in Canada!

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