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This page inform to you, what the newest information, but usually information page is written down in Japanese, so I apologize to you, what I couldn't write down in English. Also this page is informing information of other pages. e,g "ENASAN NET, RYSYSTEM and TAKENET. co.", which are my friends' Homepage.

基本的にこのページの役割はWhat's newのようなものですが、時おり地元(中津川)のイベント情報なども入っております。興味がございましたら、リンク先も見てみるのも一興かもしれません、

Sorry, also this page was written down in Japanese, but still you have a hope, probably most of my friends can understand your English. so you can try it!


This page is for my friends, that I met at school in Australia, and to enter this page, you need a ID and a password. There are chat room in this page, and you must not speak langage of your country, you must speak English!


You can understand this page, because there are photos, which were taken by me, and just a few coments. and now, photos of Perth zoo have been showing


I am a pacifist, so I have a strong oppinion about peace of the world, but oppinion of this page is in Japanese if there are many requests to write down in English, I will do it.


It's a diary in Japanese.