Version Record

  • 3.00
    Optio 550 Makernote supported
    Optio S Makernote supported
    MOV(Quicktime Movie) supported
    MultiLanguage UI supported
    And other many makernote added / fixed

  • 2.90
    EXILIM,QV-R4 Makernote added
    SIGMA SD9 JPEG Makernote supported
    Caplio RR30 Makernote supported
    PENTAX Optio330RS,430RS Makernote supported
    Show/hide IPTC option added
    Show/hide Toolbar option added
    Show/hide Sidepanel option added
    and other many fixs

  • 2.80
    Fixed bug in CASIO EXSILM
    and other many fixs

  • 2.60
    Exif2.2 supported
    PSD(Photoshop)Format supported
    Exif in PSD supported(Photoshop6.0)
    Canon CCDRAW(CRW) supported
    Canon Makernote added and fixed
    Minolta Makernote added and fixed
    Casio 8800 Makernote added
    Optio430/330 Makernote added
    C-4040 Makernote added
    LeicaDigilux1 Makernote supported
    EOS D60 Makernote supported
    EOS D30/60 Custom Functions supported
    RICOH Makernote supported
    Save as Text supported
    CommandlineOption(-CSV -TEXT) supported

  • 2.50(JP only)
    Nikon E5000 Makernote supported
    Panasonic DMC-F7 Makernote supported
    DMC-F7 Makernote added
    S1Pro Makernote added
    Optio430 Makernote supported
    Dimage CCDRAW supported
    Canon EOS D60 supported
    Copy as HTML supported

  • 2.40
    Minolta Dimage5,7 Makernote supported
    Minolta Dimage7 PIM supported
    SANYO DSC-MZ1 Makernote added
    Canon PowerShot Makernote added
    OLYMPUS C21T.commu comment supported
    Nikon E885 Makernote supported
    PENTAX Optio 330 Makernote supported
    Caplio RR1 Makernote supported
    AGFA Makernote supported
    Fix GPS bugs

  • 2.30
    XV-3 digital zoom supported
    NIKON E995 Makernote supported
    PIM information temporarily supported
    Incorrect loading of rotated loss-less images fixed

  • 2.20 Beta1(En)
    OLYMPUS E-10 Makernote added
    OLYMPUS E-10 CCD-RAW supported
    Copy All Item Names supported
    Copy All Data supported
    NSK-TIFF thumbnail supported
    Photoshop5 thumbnail supported

  • 2.10
    Fuji Film FDI files supported
    Edited NikonCapture files supported
    Thumbnail included in OlympusTIFF supported
    Sort next/previous list function supported
    Bugs fixed

  • 2.00
    UNICODE comment supported
    Image movement by drag and drop supported
    EOS D30 Makernote supported
    CASIO Makernote items added
    Nikon E990 focus area supported
    Bugs fixed

  • 1.90
    FinePix4700 Makernote tag added
    FinePixS1Pro Makernote supported
    FinePix40i Makernote supported
    Shortcut set to next/previous command file

  • 1.80
    Kodak JPEG Format supported
    EXIF format with JFIF header supported
    JFIF comment supported
    Coolpix990 Makernote tag supported

  • 1.70
    Some technical terms corrected
    Flash intensity added (Exif)
    Exposure index supported (Exif)
    GPS display format improved (Exif)
    TIFF Revision6 Tag added
    Nikon E990 Makernote supported
    Nikon D1 NEF (CCDRAW) supported
    TIFF/EP format supported (EOS D, etc.)
    AdobeResource analysis added (not completed)
    IPTC/NAA supported (Photoshop information, NSK-TIFF)

  • 1.60
    Incorrect meaning of each component fixed
    OLYMPUS Makernote tag supported
    CANON Makernote tag supported
    Finepix4700Z Makernote supported
    GPS information analysis function supported

  • 1.50
    Incorrect thumbnail saving fixed
    Analysis processing routine supported
    User comment supported
    CANON Makernote analysis function added
    Copy command formally supported
    All Copy command supported
    Display items added
    Other bugs fixed

  • 1.40
    CASIO Makernote tag added
    Incorrect focal length adjustment fixed
    Incorrect file loading fixed
    Analysis functions added
    Other bugs fixed

  • 1.30
    Display function for Makernote of the following makers supported
    Copy function added
    Simplified browsing function for files in the same file supported
    TIFF files supported
    Simplified moving picture playback function added (TOSHIBA only)
    Bugs fixed
    Other functions added

  • 1.20
    Association supported
    File source tag supported
    SceneType tag supported
    OLYMPUS Makernote analysis function supported
    NIKON Makernote analysis function supported

  • 1.10
    Thumbnail save function added
    Image viewer supported
    Display items added
    Distance-to-object calculation supported

  • 1.00
    Initial version released

  • Copyright 1998-2002. Ryuuji Yoshimoto. All rights reserved.