This page is introduces Sakashita-cho which I live in.
Sakashita-cho is in the "Noubi" district of Gifu Prefecture,and it is the town located in the prefecture border with Nagano Prefecture.

Statistical information of Sakashita town
Traffic access
Screen saver (Japanese)
"Adera" fault (Japanese)
Sakashita seen with CG New
Birthplace Sakashita (hometown history and guide map) (Japanese)

'97 Autumn of Sakashita
'97 "Hananoko" Lake
'97 Turned in winter
'98 Winter in Sakashita
'98 Winter in "hananoko" Lake
'98 Spring (Japanese)
'98 Autumn tint (Japanese)
'99 Winter in "Sizumo" (Japanese)
'99 Spring in "Sizumo" (Japanese)
'99 Flower "Soba" full-bloomed (Japanese) New
Event Info
'97 "Hanauma" Festival (Picture) (Japanese)
'98 "Hanauma" Festival (Video) (Japanese)

It is an integrated information page in this region which a regional provider manages. Latest information like event information and sightseeing, Bussan, and finding employment information etc. on not only the Sakashita-cho but also near cities, towns, and villages is offered. (Japanese)
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